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Juicing for Ulcers

I know I have posted about this before but I feel it is necessary as we are all so accustomed to popping antacids daily, without even thinking about it.

What is an Ulcer? 

It is a spot where the lining of the stomach or small instestine and tissue beneath have eroded, leaving and internal open wound. The tissue around it, is often swollen and irritated. Ulcers can occur anywhere along your GI tract, mostly in the stomach(gastic ulcers) and sometimes in the duodenum(duodenal ulcers) The portion of the small intestine closest to the stomach. 

SYMPTOMS: chronic burning, usually on an empty stomach, or 45 minutes after eating. Most people will awake in the middle of the night with pain, due to stomach acid irritating the ulcer. 

THERE IS HOPE, however. :) I found this gem, called MASTIC GUM. Mastic Gum heals the duodenum and the stomach. It creates a barrier to safely allow the area to heal, while blocking the stomachs natural acid or over production of acid which is causing the uclers. It is completely safe to use, no side effects, no prescription and ALL NATURAL. This guy works like a gem, and more imporantly, kills the bacteria that is know to cause ulcers, H. Pylori.( Helicobacter- Pylori)  

This can be found at most health food stores. I personally, got mine at Sprouts here in southern California.

As always, no one at pretty nourished is a Dr. and We suggest you always speak to your primary care physician before taking any approach to your health.

With this Mastic gum, I felt my symptoms pretty quickly calmed down. YOU MUST CONTINUE TO TAKE IT UNTIL THE BOTTLE IS GONE, for it to fully heal the ulcer and kill any H. Pylori bacteria. :) JUST DO IT. :)


Now you have to be cautious of certain juice when you have an ulcer and you will learn really quick if you have no already that some particular foods do indeed irritate it. I suggest listening to your body if it gives you one of those signals. FOR SURE: BEET is a no go when healing from an ucler, however once healed, you certainly enjoy it no problem.


1/2 head of cabbage

1 whole cucumber

1 medium apple

1 knuckle size of ginger ( I like a ton:))

1 large carrot

NOW I warn you, the cabbage juice is strong and has an interesting smell. The carrot and apple should disguise it pretty well. 

Other diet recommendations: eat clean, by that I mean no boxed anything, just keep it simple and back to nature.

Try to avoid overeating, as the pressure can make the pain worse. Avoid fried foods, caffeine, chocolate, ( :( .. I know. ) and alcohol.


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