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How to transition to plant based.

It seems scary. Those vegans are crazy and so intense. Do I have to go vegan? Can I just go plant based? Here at drinkbar juicery, we support all journeys to better health. We want you to find a path that fits YOU and what your health needs are. Here are some tips for those of you wanting to flirt with the plant based lifestyle. 

  • 1. Eat enough! So many people continue to eat small portions. Meat, dairy and oil are caloric-ally dense but nutrient deficient. When you go to plant based, you have to intentionally eat in abundance of the right foods. It is uncomfortable at first but necessary to maintain your final goal. I promise, if done correctly, the weight will fall off effortlessly.

  • 2. Allow for mistakes. You are not perfect. It takes time, but you have to start somewhere. Be prepared to offer yourself grace. It is a learning process. Your body has been neglected for so long. It takes time to rebuild that relationship.

  • 3. People won't understand. It is just a fact. People will not understand you, and may even criticize you.  That is ok, you are only responsible for your health and well-being. Welcome their questions and answer with grace. Offer understanding for their nonsupport. We are all on a different journey, you must respect theirs, even if they are not respecting yours.

  • 4. Pack in the carbohydrates from fruit. Get your fruit In. This will fuel you and assist In the detoxification that will occur while transitioning. It is high water, mostly low calories and the easiest to digest, thus offering us energy.

  • 5. Don't cut everything at once. We must remember, slow and steady wins the race. Be realistic and start slow. Cut out the things you know you can live without first. Your new found energy will encourage your 'hard to give up foods' to hit the road.THAT IS OK!

  • 6. Say yes to delicious. Going plant based is amazing. Get creative, there are no strict rules on taste or concoctions!  You will need variety. Eat up, and enjoy.

  • 7. Find vegan options of your favorites. It is important to be satisfied and not feel deprived. Find vegan versions of your favorite cheeses, meat substitutes and so on. Are these always healthy, no, but keeping a realistic approach will get you there. There are so many options now that really offer a realistic taste to their counterparts. Dive in, and find what you like.

  • 8. Eat what makes you feel good. It is your journey, listen to what your body says yes to! Again, their are no rules. If you feel like eating an entire watermelon for dinner, go for it. Nourish your body from the inside out.

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