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How to help your detox.


Many people ask us at drinkbar what else they can do to have a deeper more effective cleansing experience. While juice cleansing is intended to do a deep cleaning in and of itself, their are approaches you can take that will lessen your detox symptoms and cleanse the body at a deeper level.

First and foremost, I always encourage clients, especially new cleansers to make an appointment for a colonic. I know this may sound invasive, but what we put into our colons are not always intended to be there( cheetos)and will greatly enhance your overall experience and ease up on your body.

This allows the body to immediately release any and all the excess waste stored in our colon. Our nutrients are absorbed in our colon, and when our colon is sluggish, less nutrients can be absorbed, leaving you starving for lack of nutrient absorption, even though your eating. This can cause a viscous cycle of over eating and low energy. This is what I like to call "over fed and under nourished."

Doing a colonic either right before you start your juice cleanse, during or after will greatly reduce cravings, allowing the body to detox more effectively while leaving you feeling light, energized and better equipt to cleanse. 

I personally am a big fan of  La Paz Spa, in Laguna Hills and Seal Beach. This spa operates on an open system  which allows the body to work the way it is naturally designed to do so. This takes about an hour. There are plenty of places in Orange County to go. This one just happens to me my personal favorite and a place I trust.Next, I suggest a deep tissue massage. This allows the body's blood circulation to be amped up and reach every little inch of you. This allows the releases of stored toxins and lactic acid that may build up over time. Drink even more water after your massage to ensure proper flushing of those newly released toxins. This also allows for relaxation, thus lessening stress which will helps to reduce cravings and giving up all together. You are doing something great for your body and mind, a massage should be a great reward to yourself while doing something for the detoxification process too. It's a win, win!

Exercise, now this is to be adjusted for how you feel at this time. Your normal crossfire routine or 8 mile run may not be appropriate during a cleanse. With that said however, some people have increased energy and can do their normal exercises with ease or even more energy.  Your body is essentially in overdrive working hard to dump those toxins. You might feel ok the first day but saving that energy and resting is important for your body as well as your adrenal glands. Going for a walk or doing yoga are perfect. It is important to move to move the lymph,so you want the blood to continue to circulate. Try not to focus on exercise for "weight loss" but focus on just moving, keep that blood flowing and toxins moving.

Dry Brushing, I know this sounds odd and maybe even painful, but our skin is indeed our largest organ. Think about it... It is in the outside of our body leaving it even more vulnerable to toxins from our showers, shampoos, laundry detergents, etc. We are often covered in dead, toxic skin. Doing this helps to drain the lymphatic system. There is indeed a precise way to brush. Check out the photo below. Also it is best to do it right before your shower. These brushes can be found at many natural food grocery stores as well as the dollar store. Stay way from toxic "exfoliant creams and chemicals" A dry brush will do just fine. 

These are just a few examples. Just juicing alone is a wonderful way to do maintenance on our bodies. These are just a few extra examples for those ready to deepen their detox.



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