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Updated: Feb 12

You know I am always saying "Did you take your vitamins today?"

There is a lot behind this phrase many of you may not know. When I was 15 years old I was diagnosed with Crohns disease. Crohns disease is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation, weight-loss (or gain), MALNUTRITION, severe fatigue, and limits your bodies ability to absorb nutrition from your food. To top it off, during my pregnancy I discovered I was having trouble absorbing certain vitamins.

During my journey with Crohns, I really started to research what foods had what vitamins? What vitamins were I lacking that caused several fatigue? What was I lacking that created this bloat? What can I add or subtract from what foods to help me feel the best possible me? I didn't just want medication, I wanted healing and the deepest level of nutrition I could get.

"I didn't just want medication, I wanted healing and the deepest level of nutrition I could get and absorb."

Even though I live in sunny southern California, eat right and spend much of my time being active outside, my first pregnancy blood test showed I was severely low in vitamin D. Not understanding the impact of not having enough Vitamin D while pregnant, I wound up with a broken foot at 7 months pregnant. Overall

I had an incredible, healthy pregnancy but just wasn't getting the nutrition I needed. Low vitamin D increases the chances of bone fractures by up to 31% and thats not including pregnant women. My mind was blown.

All of these experiences lead to my passion for nutrition and supplementation. Even if you are eating well, getting outside and exercising, you may still have holes in your nutritional needs like I did. You are not what you eat, you are what you absorb. During my pregnancy I learned you can supplement with Magnesium to help better absorb vitamin D. I was blown away at how much better I felt, how much better

my digestion was and how overall my body felt more in tune.

"Over all my body felt more in tune"

It has been such a long journey and will continue to be as I learn new, better ways to nourish myself. That’s where Baze comes in. I am so excited to have partnered with Baze to get a full breakdown of my nutrient levels and the products/vitamins/supplements that can help. Knowing what my body needs is essential in feeling my most vibrant self. Baze, gives me a detailed picture of how I am doing and what is

being absorbed. Their Personalized Vitamin Program also offers preventive measures with some amazing herbs such as ashwagandha, rhodiola, and turmeric. As a mom this insight comes with a bit of peace of mind, where I can make sure I am getting everything I need nutritionally for nursing as well as immunity during this crazy flu season.

You are not what you eat, you are what you absorb.

It all begins with the FDA-approved Baze TAP Device, a small device manufactured at MIT that easily collects a blood sample without a traditional needle. The kit comes to your doorstep with instructions. Taking the sample was quick and didn’t hurt. You ship the test back, Baze’s team of registered dietitians analyze the results and send back a personalized report. The nutrient report gives a lot of detail and

vitamin recommendations. The best part is you can track progress of how the supplements are working with a follow-up blood test 3 months later. Had I all of this during my pregnancy, I probably would have not broken my foot.

The Baze report is similar to a report card. I don't know about you but I thrive on feedback and results. This tells me exactly what is going on with my body and any nutritional intake. I want answers so I can improve and better prepare for an even healthier pregnancy next time around. Our bodies really are a beautiful puzzle and with the right, connecting pieces we CAN FEEL VIBRANT.

If you guys want to try Baze, you can use my code IVY50 to receive 50% off your own kit


Let me know how it goes for you! I am curious to know how your needs differ from mine.


Tips for Testing.

Remember the test should be fastest. You should sit down while testing and you can absolutely have a glass of water.

Even after the device turns red, you should leave it on for a few minutes before removing.

Drop your test at a near by Fedex location.

Once you get your Baze report, which is anaylzed by a Lab, you will then receive your full breakdown of your nutrient levels.



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