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What the glyphosate?

1. Glyphosate is the main ingredient used in the full line of Monsanto's of "round up".

2. The use of Glyph

osate has grown 15 fold since GMO crops were first introduced in 1996. 

3. Two thirds of that 15 fold has been sprayed in the United States, JUST in the last ten years.

4. There are over 750 known products on the market in the US currently containing Glyphosate.

5. Glyphosate does not vaporize as with other herbicides, and can be transferred once a piece of produce has been re-moistened such as in a conventional produce market.

6. When administered in high doses to lab animals, studies show increased liver and kidney disease, several types of cancer growth, and was most closely linked to Non-Hodgkin Lymphoa.

7. Root vegetables and produce grown closer to the soil have a higher toxicity level do to the soils ability to absorb the glyphosate

8. Glyphosate kills any plant it comes in contact with, regardless of weed or crop, unless it is a GMO crop, in which the seeds have been altered to withstand this powerful chemical. - The biggest problem with the GMO crops is not only their GMO seed, but the limitless amount of pesticides and herbicides it can withstand. 

9. The Goverment currently has no law or regulation for cleaning practices once produce is harvested and sold to super markets. There is no requirement for labeling on how much this crop has been treated with glyphosate either.

10. Glyphosate was found in 70% of rainfall samples in the US, says USGS Hydrologist Paul Capel. 

11. Glyphosate was found in 38 states waterways, streams, ditches and waste water after a study done by USGS.

12. Traces of Glyphosate were found in %90 percent of 300 soybeans tested also in a study by USGS.

13. The Goverment requires no consistent testing on the effects of Glyphosate in human blood or tissue, or the enviroment long term or short term.

14. Currently 26 counties ban GMO's and their counterpart pesticides. 

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