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What is bone broth and why is it better than botox?

Ok so at first, it made me cringe. Now, you all know, ( I, IVY) AM NOT VEGAN OR VEGETERIAN or anything-ian. I eat. The end. No label. The thought of this still made me cringe.

So what is it? There is two different types, bone broth and and bone stock.

Bone broth- made from bones and contain trace amounts of meat. Bones are seared and typically boiled ( for a long period of time, such as 24 hours) This process is needed to release the good minerials from the bones.

Bone Stock- simmered for much less amount of time(3 to 4 hours)  and can often also contain small amounts of meat. Again, as with broth, obtaining the gelatin is the end goal. 

Why is it good for you? Bone Broths and Stocks are incredibly rich in protein and minerals. The glycine supports the bodies natural detoxification process and is used to synthesis of hemoglobin, bile salts and naturally occuring chemicals in the body. Glycine also supports the release of gastic acids to ease digestion.  Bone broth supports the GI track and over all gut health. Ever wonder why we also suggest chicken broth when you are sick? There was a reason behind that and that is, broth inhibits neutrophil migration, which helps the body get over a flu, cold, etc. 

Glucosamine. Many people have been taking glucosamine for years. It turns out, bone broth, HAS glucosamine, naturally.

So why is it better than BOTOX? Well bone broth contains collegan, which repairs the skin, reduces inflammation and helps the body regeerate NEW cells. Yes, NEW face cells, So no putting in a needle the freeze OLD cells, lets make new ones!

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