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Vegan Whole Foods Hot Chocolate Recipe

Ivy Carnegie Vegan Hot Chocolate
Ivy Carnegie Vegan Hot Chocolate

Whats in the other stuff? Is the traditional store bought powder the worst thing you can eat during he holidays... no, its not. But, if you can have something incredibly nutrient dense, AND taste good.. why not?

What you are missing out on:

Whole Foods Vegan Hot Chocolate recipe.

Pretty cLEAN Ebook come soon!

For now, this yummy whole foods hot chocolate recipe. Its not about eating perfect but choosing better.


4-5 Medjool dates 1/4 cup oatmilk 2 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder 3/4 cup boil water.

Add all to a blender.


**Try adding Almond Milk, Coconut milk or cashew milk instead.

** Sea Salt, Vanilla extract and Cinnamon are always really tasty.

Do you have extra left over? Throw it in the fridge and save it for the next day. It taste so good cold too.


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