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The best herbs for spring.

Nettles: Similar to dandelion, it is the best in the spring and usually near the edges of woods and fields and next to old barns. You can harvest the bright green tops as soon as they emerge. Nettles can be cooked like spinach, made into a pesto or most commonly dried and made into a tea.

Dandelion: Dandelion should be harvested when the crown of the leaf is new and slightly purple. These bunches should be plucked right at the root, cleaned and eaten as a salad, juiced or similar to nettles, tea or a pesto.

Wild leaks: Also known as ramps, begin to emerge a few weeks into spring in deep wooded areas. These herbs have a distinct onion smell. These leaks can be used in cooking as you would a scallion or a regular onion.

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