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Ten Tips to Staying on Track This Holiday Season!

Getting BACK to where you are RIGHT NOW in January is harder than if you just maintained your health in the first place. Stay on track with me? Here are some tips and tricks to keep you headed to 2019 with the best version of you.

1. Eat consistently. The biggest mistake during this time is people skipping meals to try to "prepare" for large unhealthy dinners and restaurant meet ups. This will leave you mentally unready prepared and over hungry and thinking those cheese fries are an acceptable vegetable option. JUST SAY NO AND SAY YES TO THE BANANA before hand. Eat large salads with minimal oil to fill you up with water and fiber, as well as easily digestible raw vegetables to keep you satisfied. Don't skip meals, you will be sorry not to mention you NEED those nutrients in a season when nutrient dense food is not often abundant. Don't skip the nutrients.

2. Don't skip your gym time. Working out is essential to all our organs but the most important part of it is the stress management. If stress is under control, you are less likely to treat yourself poorly via food. Lets get real..... busy parking lots, shopping centers and spending time with your obnoxious drunk cousin Karl is not all full of Christmas cheer. Stress management is key. Those workouts will keep you sane, and your goals in check.

3.Bring a healthy dish. Whether it is a work Christmas party or a Friendsgiving, bring something you know you can eat and others will appreciate too. Not having a healthy option will either leave you drunk off your first cocktail or eating enough gingerbread men to fill a soccer field. There are so many recipes out there for beautiful fun side dishes that are vegetable loaded, tasty and incredibly easy to make.

4. Be a beverage snob.  Now, grabbing three cups of hot cocoa is not exactly skinny jeans friendly. These typical holiday drinks are incredibly.... Paula Dean-esk. They are usually filled with heavy cream and sugar. Try to choose between a tasty treat, your alcohol of choice OR your favorite sweet treat. Pick all three, and your sure to wreck havoc on your goals.

5. When in doubt, host. We know this is not always practical and having your family fued of 2018 in your livingroom is not always ideal. But when you are in control you are able to moderately select which dishes to provide and get your family healthy at the same time. This will also allow you a bit of control of environment, energy and stress levels.

6. Water, Water, Water, Oh and Water. This is so incredibly important. It is so easy when we are exhausted to order another triple shot latte to get us through christmas wrapping, work to-dos and errands. This however, will only offer a short term burst of crackheadedness and leave you dehydrated and reaching for salty, sugary foods to bring you back to elf on the shelf  life. The latte may supress your appetite but in the long haul, it will do more harm than good. Stay hydrated, and you will likely make your workout, have less wrinkles, sleep better and ring in 2016 with a glow.

7. Get an accountability partner. Someone you can send Victoria Secret Photos back and forth with.. kidding, kind of. :) Someone who knows your goals and knows your habits. This is someone you trust and can be honest with but someone that will encourage you to get up and get moving despite your work party cinnamon roll binge. This can be a spouse, a friend, or sibling, anyone, just find one, and motivate each other. A little encouragement and honesty can go a long way.

This person can also be a gym buddy. Schedule dates for gym classes or morning walks to keep you on track. 

8. Create healthy traditional holiday favorites. Is stuffing your absolute favorite? Find a way to cut the butter and use a higher quality bread. Is egg nogg a family must have? Make sure to grab organic and cut the fat by mixing it with almond milk. Simple tricks can satisfy you and still have you fit into your favorite jeans. 

9. Juice, Often. Raw juice is going to keep you feeling full, hydrated, and fight off those cravings and impulses. Making them at home, either smoothie or juice is best. Check out Our very own Green Juice No. recipe for at home. HERE. Doing a Juice Cleanse, even a one day, will really help keep your cravings green, clean and figure friendly. You can find cleanses  here, or you can have green juices stocked to keep you on track.

Happy Holidays Everyone! Remember, family is more important than your fitness goals, but SO IS BEING ALIVE AND FEELING ALIVE. Nourishment and THRIVING is our goal so we can see MORE holidays.

Happy Juicing,




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