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Pretty Does, Fat Burning snacks.


 It is easy to forget to eat, and while that doesn't sound terrible our face winds up in the entire box of rice crispy treats or gulping down your childs gatorade unintentionally. Here are some quick snacks we KNOW are practical and will keep you full and satisfied. 

2 boiled egg whites with an apple.

These are easily accessible for the car and can be prepared in advance and will sure to keep away that hangry.

Now, if you have food combining challenges this may not be the best snack for you. 

Celery sticks and fresh Hummus.

Hummus is so easy and if you are purchasing the right brand. It is easy to digest and really satisfying. Celery or cucumber is best paired with this higher fat snack item to keep the body from storing that fat. Try to either make a big batch of your own at home or choose organic, less oily options at the store when possible.

Peanut Butter and Celery

Again, keeping the fats away from the carbohydrates is optimal for that flat stomach we all desire. Six pack or not no one enjoys bloating. Peanut butter is a great hunger quencher but proper pairing is important. Have your peanut butter and eat it too, just do it properly with non starchy fruits and vegetables.

Beef Jerky.

Yes we said it. When in doubt, grab a bag of the cleanest one you can find. If you are on the go, jerky is a great way to get in some satiating protein while also being realistic. Try to watch the flavored ones as they can often be high sugar and sodium. Stick to clean brands and keep it in your glove box or gym bag for emergencies.

Cut bell peppers, cucumber and celery with Salsa.

Salsa is the Goddess of healthy snacking. It is usually fairly lower in sodium, gluten free, often low on sugar and is a home run for the calorie buck you are spending. This is not an " on the go" snack as salsa is messy but it is the perfect option when slimming down and hunger strikes.

Green Juice

When the body is alkalized, it stores less fat. Green juice is the fasted way to hydrate and alkalize. Grab a green juice but watch the added fruits. Be sure to order green vegetable based juices or check the ingredients on the bottle. Ideally we want to see 1 fruit with the rest greens. A 90/10 ratio is a perfect ratio to shoot for. 

Protein Shake

We are such huge fans of this simple tasty snack. Obviously we don't believe dairy options are best but there are so many great plant based options you can choose from. You can have your cake and gain muscles too. There are several brands that also offer small packets to buy (instead of an entire month container). This will save you money if you are not sure that you like this brand or blend. Grab a small pack first and if you love it, invest in the larger container. Grab your protein, add in berries, your favorite green powder, whatever greens you have in your fridge and a half of banana. You are ready for the day. Slurp and SLAY girl. 

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