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Our kind of weed.



They are one of the hardest "weeds" to kill. Their intense survival properties are what make them one of the healthiest greens to EAT. The benefits list is endless, but it is more commonly known to assist in liver disorders and detoxification.

    It is a known natural diuretic, high in Vitamin A, Potassium and Calcium. (who needs milk?) They are also known for their properties in insulin regulation(diabetes), Bone health, Jaundice, Urinary disorders, Weight-loss, and Cancer treatment. It contains Luteolin, which reduces free-radicals(a major cancer causing component) . Their properties in detoxifying the Liver, also assist in cancer prevention.

I love to cook them on the stove with garlic, but most people enjoy them in salads or Juice. You do NOT have to get fancy, grab the ones from your yard.



2 bundles of Organic Dandelion- this can be store purcahsed or found in the wild. Just make sure it is not in an area where heavy chemicals are sprayed.

Sea Salt

1/4 cup of Olive Oil/ Macadamia Nut Oil, or Coconut Oil

Fresh Garlic

Garlic Powder

Black Pepper to taste

1 Medium Onion

    Rinse, several times. These small leaves allow for them to have more dirt and residue, extra rinses are better.  Set aside to dry on a towel.

Prepare pan. Frying pan works best. Add oil and fresh garlic cloves and onion. Cook until onion is clear. Add in dandelion and seasonings. Stir often. Add water if necessary. I try to limit as much oil as possible. ( IF YOU ARE CLEANSING THE LIVER, OR SKIN OMIT OIL ALL TOGETHER) Cook until dandelion is soft (similar to cooked spinach or cabbage). Pair with salad, or on bread as I enjoy it. It is also great by itself. It is bitter, but oh so good.

Happy Juicing Friends,

 Ivy Carnegie

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