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My healthy Postpartum Tips.

No one told me how hard it would be to maintain my health post pregnancy. During pregnancy I hit the gym EVERYDAY. I was so dedicated. I was determined to be one of those women.... you know who I am talking about. The women rockin' the mom life, in cute workout gear and looking flawless. I felt several times during my pregnancy I was failing at this much desired MILF life. Looking back, I wish I could give myself a big high five and also laugh in my face and say JUST WAIT girl.

At my two week postpartum check up. I was 1lb from my pre-pregnancy weight. I was shocked and in awe of this. I was certain that 1lb (plus more) was strictly all new boobs. ( THOSE WERE A DREAM, thank you Barley.:))

Thing I wish I would have done to better prepare.

1. Thought out warm meals and froze them. I pictured in my head frockling around with my babe drinking big huge green smoothies and laughing at each other and stopping by the mirror for an occasion flex of my muscle I had so intentionally maintained. NO. JUST NO. WRONG. This was not me. I was exhausted, and I didn't even realize it. I started to reach for super unhealthy things just to get a nice sugar rush and eat with one hand.

I had an incredible birth, pretty easy recovery and felt pretty good about how everything was "shaping up". About two months in of round the clock breastfeeding and I was a mess.

I wish I had:

Purchased bags of precooked rice, frozen precooked rice and canned or homemade soups ready to go. These would have been easy to digest, warm and easy for hubby to warm up for me.


2. Prepared way more padcicles. Yes, Padcicles. Look it up and DO IT. I had an easy birth, pushed for less than an hour and STILL USED TWO PACKS. Make them, don't wait, run.

3. Rested when baby rested. I was nuts. I think in pregnancy you spend so much time waiting for the next stage that when it comes, you WANT TO MOVE. You just want to be like OK, I'm in the next stage of life, lets do this mom thing. I wanted to clean, I expected myself to clean, and cook and do all the things. NO. It was nuts. I wish I would have paused the time, gave myself all the grace while in sweatpants and told company, if you are coming please cook for us.

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