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Liver and Gallbladder Flush

Hi holistic health enthusiasts,

I recently did the gallbladder and liver flush by Andreas Moritz. NOW; before I continue, I ( Ivy Carnegie, or anyone at drinkbar or associated with drinkbar juicery, IS NOT A DOCTOR. So please, before attempting any of these things mentioned on here, consult your primary physician.)First, I suggest anyone who attempting to do this does indeed purchase the book or rent it from a library. You can, read just the cleansing instructions part, but what will that do for you if you do not soak in all the knowledge of this amazing man, Andrea Mortiz. The book is a wealth of information on how our gallbladder and liver being taxed, affects every area of our bodies, from muscle aches and pains, to digestion, to acne.  IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you follow all the instructions to the T from this book. Any small adjustment can have serious side effects on your health. ( ie. highly toxin stones getting stuck in the bile ducts, thus making you extremely sick)

My experience: I have had digestions whoas for over ten years now, some associated with food allergies, others from being diagnosed with Crohns disease, and so on. I first did this gallbladder flush, last year, and watched it really transform my ability to digest foods that were previously a problem for me. It ALSO cleared my skin; which the book claims it would, however I was skeptical. I am a believer now!:)

This Liver and Gallbladder cleanse requires six days of preparation and about 18-24 hours of actual "cleansing".


  • 6 days of 32oz of ORGANIC apple juice. This can be store bought, juiced at home, or drinkbar juicery is happy to prepare it. 

  • 4 tablespoons of epsom salt; dissolved in three 8oz glasses of water

  • 1/2 cup, 4oz of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil 

  • 2/3 glass of freshly squeezed (literally squeezed just before consuming) grapefruit juice, ( pink is best) or lemon and orange juice combined.

The malic acid in the apple juice, softens the stones and sludge present in the gallbladder, allowing it to easily travel through the bile ducts and pass without perforating your colon. The preparation process can cause bloating as this is a lot of sugar. Be sure to adjust your daily intake of other sugars to offset this. 

Diet during preparation: 

Be sure to eat light, as to allow the stomach to fully digest all food. Do not over eat and make sure to drink your apple juice on an empty stomach. Raw, organic fresh juices are best to prepare your body for the toxins it is about to take on from the liver. CONSUME ALL YOUR FOOD warm or at room temperature, as cold food chills the liver, making it hard to soften the stones or sludge. Try to limit dairy and animal products.


On the 6th day of apple juice:

Consume your 32oz of apple juice in the morning. Eat a light breakfast and lunch. Consume your last solid food by 1:30pm. ( If you do not follow this rule, you will feel incredibly ill during your cleansing process).

6:00pm: Add 4 tablespoons of Epson Salt (magnesium sulfate) to a total of 24 ounces( three 8oz glasses) of filtered water in a jar. This makes four 6oz servings. Drink your first serving ( 3/4 glass) now.  The taste is rough.

8:00pm: Drink your second serving( 3/4 glass) of Epsom salt. 

9:30pm: Begin preparation for grapefruit and oil mixture. Squeeze grapefruit by hand, strain, You will need 3/4 glass of juice ( about 1.5 cups) Pour juice in a large mason jar, add 1/2 cup of olive oil. Close jar, shake well, like for at least 10 minutes consistently shaking. The mixture should start to look thin and watery, rather than separated.

**** If you need to use the restroom a few more times before drinking the grapefruit mixture, do that. It is important for this part that you are able to lay still for 20 minutes. 

10:00pm : standing next to your bed, or couch, drink your oil mixture, do this standing, drink it all, if possible without interruption. Once finished,

 LIE DOWN IMMEDIATELY. This is crucial part. Lay on your back with your head slightly propped up above your abdomen. Try to remain in silence and focus your bodies energy on your liver and gallbaldder  (under your bottom right rib) Many times people hear a squirting noise, somethings you can hear and feel the stones release, like marbles rolling in your colon. ( crazy right?)  

Try to go to sleep, in this position. Once the stones are release you will most likely feel nauseous, I vomited the first and this last time cleansing a few hours after this process. THAT IS OK. You WILL feel nauseouss, it is a LOT of toxins being released in your body all at once. I honestly for really sick most of the evening, it was indeed, not pleasant.ou will most likely revisit the restroom during the night and feel terrible... sorry friends just being honest. 


6:00am drink another 3/4 of the Epsom salt mixture.  Return back to bed, most people still feel sick.

8:00am drink your final epsom salt mixture. You can go back to bed if need be, but it is better for the body if you are indeed moving around. do not go far from home, as the stones will begin flushing. 

10:00am. You can drink fresh, pressed juice at this time, although most people are still feeling ill and do not wish to consume anything. 

Once you have passed all the stones, you can beging eating solid foods. Starting with RAW fruits and vegetables is always best of course. Water and juices is the best and easiest way until you are SURE you can handle anything solid. You will continue to pass stones through the afternoon.

My stones. The green color is caused from the bile in the liver. The light green stones are the newest, dark green stones oldest. White or tan gallstones are calcified stones and have a much higher toxicity level. 

I know this is alot of information, so I am going to stop here, and encourage you to purchase the book prior to starting. I read it front to back, and re read it again, before starting it and could read it another time to retain even more of the information. 

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have ANY questions!!! It really is an easy, affordable cleanse that can be done in the comfort of your own home! I will post again once I start to feel normal, I can't wait for the official post cleanse high!!

Happy Cleansing

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