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How to detox at home.

Juicing is a fantastic way to cleanse the body but it IS NOT enough. 

We encourage all of our cleansers to remember their journey to health does not stop with what is being put into the body, but also with what is being eliminated. Juicing alone cannot get you to the incredible level of health most of us desire.

You would not change the oil in a run down dirty vehicle and expect that to fully jumpstart the ability of your vehicle to run. You need to REMOVE the old oil, clean it out, and replace with new oil. All systems in the vehicle has to run effectively and simultaneously. 

Our organs LIVE next to our G.I. tract that is 30  F E E T LONG. The fluid that runs in our body is made up primarily of Lymph fluid (80%) and the rest blood (20%). The blood, HAS to pass through the lymphatic system, and the lymphatic fluid runs through ALL ORGANS AND CELLS. Our cells pass waste and the lymph systems job is to carry it out of our bodies. With that said, our lymph system is the sewer system of the human body. 

We have more information on the lymph system, HERE.

Elimination while on a cleanse is just as important as the quality of the juice itself. You would not spring clean your whole home, digging into closests, getting rid old stuff, dusting, vacuuming, throwing out spoiled food out of the fridge, and set all the trash outside the door. We need to take that final step and remove all the garbage from the deep cleaning. You essentially have to be your own garbage truck man. The cleansing process is a two step process.

The best way to accomplish this is cleaning the lymph system while also making sure the elimination process is continuous, gentle and on going. Even when you stop a juice cleanse, your body is STILL in the cleaning process. The need for elimination through bowel movements, sweating and movement is necessary and essential. Those are your garbage truck men.


Create a daily Tonic. This Tonic is great for night time as it allows your body to rest while eliminating at the same time. (This will not wake you up).

The serious cleanser:

1 tsp of activated charcoal

1 tbsp of psyllium husks 

1 tsp cayenne pepper(or ginger or garlic)

1 tbsp of bentonite clay

1 tbsp of chia seeds/and or flax seeds

16 oz of water

1 squeeze of fresh lemon.

Shake aggressively, drink immediately. Follow with an additional 16 glass of water. THIS IS A MUST. You WILL become dehydrated and can cause choking if this step is not followed. These are all binders and NEED a lot of water.  


1 tbsp chia

1 squeeze fresh lemon

tsp activated charcoal

tsp cayenne

16oz of water

Shake: DRINK IMMEDIATELY. Follow with an additional 16oz glass of water.

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