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Help Postpartum Naturally. Postpartum Herbs.

Mother Nature gives us everything we need. It is so cool to me. . I’ve had a lot of questions about my placenta encapsulation and what I’m doing postpartum for my own health and for Barley.

Here are some natural post supportive herbs to help milk and post partum depression.

🌿Motherwort herb: can be used to relieve tension post birth. * Best used in tincture and not to be used for an extended amount of time.

🍃Skullcap herb: best used in tincture form. Can aid in sleep for those struggling with anxiety. Start with a smaller dose and slowly increase. (capsule forms may vary in effectiveness and dosage).

🌱Blessed thistle leaves: Best used as tincture. Shown to relieve postpartumdepression and increase milk supply.

Looking for some extra boost?

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