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Green Juice Recipe

Updated: Dec 31, 2017

Need a green juice to add to any day, any diet? This is the most basic, easy green juice to routinely juice and fuel your day, no matter what your need is, reason for juicing or activity level.

ORGANIC Is so important!! Try your best when juicing at home to buy all organic and if you cannot find it, try to substitute when possible, I.E. spinach for kale. etc.

1 medium FUJI APPLE 

4-5 kale Leaves, ( STEM AND ALL)

2-3 celery stalks

1-2 medium cucumbers ( peel included, unless not organic then peel)

1 half lemon, cut off peel.

knuckle size of ginger. ( I like alot, :) but if this is your first time, start very very small, nickle size or less.)

It is important to follow the kale with a base, i.e. cucumber or celery. This will help push the juice out from the leafy kale. You can add more apple to your liking, although less is best when we are discussing a daily green juice!

Also, add a plastic grocery bag into pulp shoot for easy clean up. Making this easy, will make you more likely to do it.

Juicing enough for several days is also recommended, but make sure you close them in tightly sealed jars. Canning jars work great, but so does other bottles. Glass is best, but anything to make juicing easy IS GOOD.

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