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Five Fast Tips to Vibrancy.

How do you feel? Would you describe it as vibrant? If not, lets get you there by adopting these five simple but easy habits.

1. Carefully craft your circle. We have all heard the phrase.

" You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

It really is a scary truth. Often times this is applied to financial and fitness goals, but what about E N E R G Y? Is the

circle of people around you sucking life from you or offering life? Are they encouraging and inspiring your goals? Are they discussing people and problems or ideas,plans and solutions? This is the biggest vibrancy sucker around. You CAN absolutely love some people from a distance. Carefully craft your circle around you just as you would other areas of your life.

* Also, take a quick glance into yourself and ask, are you offering all of the above to those around you?

2. Drink more water.

I mean, do we really have to say it? Unfortunately we do. A healthy, well hydrated body is 71% water. Are you drinking enough to maintain that percentage. Also remember daily toxins, dead food and salt drain us, so we need EVEN MORE to make up for that. Once we get into the habit of staying hydrated, everything else seems to flourish also. ( Just like in nature.. image that ;)) Drinking at least 2 liters of water usually leads to less mindless snacking, less bloating, and clearer more vibrant skin. If nothing else interests you on this list, aim for your 2 liter a day water quota (more if you are more active, pregnant or nursing). We promise the fast results will encourage you in the other areas too.

3. Choose raw, most of the time.

Here at pretty nourished, we are passionate about eating earth to mouth. The less man has touched something before it gets to you the better. Focusing on getting most of your calories from whole, raw, earth nourishing foods will take you to vibrancy faster than you can imagine. Digestion alone will improve as will your energy, sleep, focus and water retention. A pretty does rule of thumb is 80% raw fruits and vegetables and 20% cooked. A typical day eating this way could look like this:

Breakfast: a huge smoothie with greens and fruit, with a side of cooked oatmeal.

Snack: A banana with a handful of raw cashews.

Lunch: A Large salad with beets, kale, onion, tomatoes, romaine, tahini and cooked sweet potatoes.

Snack: An apple with almond butter.

Dinner: A large fresh vegetable salad on top of quinoa with cooked black beans and side of hummus.

VOILA. Fresh is best and you can stay sane.

4. Get at least 8 hours of sleep. It is crazy how fast this bad habit of sleeping less than 8 hours can creep up and stay around. This, among everything else will surely effect your feeling of less than vibrant. Is it realistic for everyone? No. But we can all cut out less phone time and adjust a few of our daily habits to work towards that sweet 8 hour mark. Follow the steps above and this one will likely come easier than before.

5. Less TV time, more FaceTime. FaceTime as in actual faces, not your phone. Several wellness studies suggest our entire beings truly rely on the health richness of our relationships. You can't have healthy relationships with isolation or staring at a screen. Pour less time into the screen and more time into making memories with those you love and vibrancy is sure to follow.

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