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Detoxification is a word we hear every other day. A colleague might show up with detox water, or you hear people talk in the common room “We are on a detox.” Every other person we know is going through a detox. What the word actually shows a process used to remove toxic substances from body.

There are a lot of ways to implement detoxification. Detoxification can be carried out for face, for whole body or for skin. Depends on what kind of detoxification one requires. Let us here introduce you to a detox regime, which includes detox via water, via scrub for face and via oil and bath for the whole body. First off, the detox water.


To make this drink, you need some apples, lemons, cinnamon and ginger. Take two apples, peel them and after coring, dice them. Then cut up two lemons and slice them in thin portions. Take a jug of plain water at room temperature, and mix the diced apples and sliced lemons in it. Then take cinnamon, or cinnamon powder and mix them in the jug. Take a quarter size piece of ginger grate into bowl, at to jug. Put the jug in the refrigerator, allow to cool.

Drink it through out the day to benefit your digestion! Pretty IS as Pretty DOES.


Moisturizing Sugar Scrub

For a non-toxic moisturizing and exfoliating facial scrub, two most basic things are needed. Two tablespoons of avocado oil and half a cup of coffee grounds or raw sugar. For a better relaxation effect, add lavender oil which has an amazing fragrance and increases relaxation.

The mixture should gently be scrubbed into your skin, left on for some time, and then washed off. Follow this with a natural moisturizer to give a natural glow.


This leads to muscle and mind relaxation. It helps detoxify skin and stimulates blood circulation. Oils also nourish and smoothen skin and make it look softer and naturally glowing. What you need for a hot oil detox is:

Virgin coconut oil, Avocado oil, or Almond oil

All the oils should be mixed together in equal quantities. Addition of any essential oil of their choice is advised too. Lightly warm up all this mixture of oils. Don’t heat up the oil mixture too much as it may scald your skin. Apply al over face and body. Massage for a few minutes. Leave it be for 20 minutes. Then proceed to take a shower.


The main aim of a detox bath is to pull out all the toxins from your body and skin. It also relaxes your muscles and improves circulation. For a classic, budgeted detox bath, following are needed:

5-6 green tea bags, 2 cups sea salt,1 cup Epsom salt.Hot water

The bathtub is filled with hot water. Then the tea bags are lowered into the tub. Later the salts are added and everything is allowed to rest and mix well for about 15 minutes. Once the bath tub temperature slightly cools down and becomes warm enough, you should soak in it your body. Take a nice long relaxing shower and see it detox your body!

Try this at least once each week, and see the results.

Trust us, you wont be disappointed!

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