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An affordable juicer for at home.

Updated: Feb 18, 2018

What juicer should you buy for at home? Above all questions I think this is the most common.

Now, not all juice is created equal and not all juicers need the same quality of juice.

Not all juice enthusiast have the same wallet size, counter size, or time!

There are so many variables in selecting the best juicer. This is why I always say,

"The best juicer for you is the juicer that you will use."

A juicer collecting dust does no one any good. A fancy expensive juicer that you bought on a credit card, collecting interest because it renders the best enzymes and nutrients but you never use it, does no one any good, except visa.

Are you busy? Get the juicer that is fast to clean. Are you terminally ill? Get the juicer that will render the highest nutrient density. Are you on a budget? Get the juicer that makes sense for you, now. An unused juicer is the worst kind of juicer. Lets chat about the options.

The masticating juicer.

The Omega Vert. These are also referred to as the " slow juicer". I have a love/hate relationship with this juicer. I have it, it is a quiet, but it is more like an old friend I call on when no one else answers?.... I know.. its bad... but Its just kind of.."ok." Its there, and is used, sometimes.

Cost: On the pricier side. These juicers usually range somewhere in the $300 mark. You can find them used pretty easily online as I feel people purchase them and realize they are indeed a "slow juicer". Check craigslist and amazon before purchasing new. Parts: Unless you purchase a reputable brand, if parts break on these types of juicers they are hard to replace.

Clean up: This juicer has a lot of parts. It does take a while to break down, scrub, unclog and clean.

Nutrients: The nutrient density of this juicer is much higher quality than the centrifugal. Because the blade spins at a much slower speed rendering nearly NO heat and no air ( keeping the antioxidants, anti). This juicer does a great job of juicing leafy greens, AND can do nut milks pretty easily. (so can a blender however). If you are terminally ill, have autoimmune disease, digestion issues or just have time and more money, this juicer is really great.

Noise: This juicer is really quiet. If you have small children or want to juice early in the mornings, this juicer is for you.

Cons: This juicer does get jammed often. You also have to cut the produce fairly small. Do to this, this juicer does take more time and often you will have to stop, break it down, unclog and start again. If you plan to make really large batches this may not be the best juicer for you.

The Breville Fountain Elite

The pretty nourished holy grail. Above all juicers I have used this is THE ONE I recommend most often to the broadest amount of people. Now I have used the most expensive on the market (The Norwalk). I have used commercial Juicers such as the Juicer Tree or the Nutrifaster. I have used the Jack lalane and a near 50 year old juicer from my great grandmother. I have juiced for myself daily and I have juiced hundreds of bottles a day for hours and hours for years. Let me break it down. The HOLY GRAIL. This my friend is the pretty regular juicer. The Breville Fountain Elite is by far my favorite.

Cost: This juicer is near the pricer end at around $300 if it is purchased new and at a Bed Bath and Beyond. (Use your coupons ladies) The reason I like this one is because it is mostly all metal parts, meaning there is less chance of a piece getting cracked. A cracked juicer is like trying to vacuum your house without a vacuum bag. The parts are durable and can be easily replaced. There are more affordable similar models of this juicer also by Breville. This company is large enough that should you need to purchase a replacement part at anytime, it is pretty easy to find and affordable.

Clean up: Easy peasy. Throw a plastic bag in the pulp shoot and you are halfway done. The parts come apart easily and it is easy so assemble.

Noise: It is loud. There is nothing pretty about the sound this juicer makes. Please keep that in mind if you want to juice early mornings, if you live in an apartment or have small children, it is noisy.

Nutrients: Now this is what is called the centrifugal juicer. It does spin at a high speed creating some heat as the juice is extracted. This can kill some of the enzymes. This juicer is also not the best at doing small leafy greens such as herbs like cilantro, dandelion or parsley. This juicer will also not do wheat grass. It will however allow you to throw in entire apples, cucumbers, carrots and beets. You can chuck large pieces of produce and get a nice batch of juice really fast. If you are not terminally ill and want to juice everyday, this is the best juicer for you. I have all of these juicers mentioned, I use this juicer most often because......well, its easy.

Norwalk: The Mac Daddy of healing.

If you are a juicer and found this page you probably are already aware of The Gerson Therapy. If not, Ill link some information.

This juicer is incredible and really is a wonderful machine if you are looking for fast healing. This does take some time and skill to really master juice with the Norwalk. This system is an at home cold pressed option that renders the high yield of produce and nutrients available in whatever it is you are juicing. With this said, it takes the longest, it is the messiest and the most expensive. I do not recommend this juicer if you are wanting to juice daily and are a normal healthy person. I DO recommend this juicer however if you are seriously ill and have the time and money to pour into it. More often than not, even in extreme cases, I see people purchase this juicer with enthusiasm and I see it get dusty on their counter and no juice is being made. This more than anything saddens me. I would rather see a very sick individual juice everyday with the Breville, than purchase a Norwalk that goes unused. I feel like regardless of our motive, we are all human and we maintain what is easiest for us.

Cost: The Norwalk will run you about $2700 new. It is typically shipping from Arkansas and comes with pulp bags and everything you would need. It is very heavy and shipping is pretty pricey. This machine however is durable and holds its value in resale.

Nutrients: The best, of the best. The end.

Noise: It is a good mix of the other two juicers mentioned. It is not too loud but takes a long time there for can be an annoying to those around because it will be on longer than the others to get the same amount of juice.

Clean up: Fairly easy. About three parts and you rinse and freeze your pulp bags so they stay bacteria free. Learning the process however can make for a messy kitchen. We still have a stain on our ceiling from the "learning curve". No other juicer made it to the ceiling, just this guy. Once you get the hang of it however, it becomes pretty easy.

In my over all everyday opinion the Breville juicers are incredible, durable machines, easy to use and have a pretty easy clean up. As I said above,

" The best juicer for you is the juicer that you will use."

An unused expensive fancy juicer does no one any good in the closet. You can always upgrade in the future.:)

* Disclaimer. This is NOT a sponsored post. ( I wish, Breville, EMAIL ME haha :))

Happy Juicing Pretties!


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